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My Ultimate Film

Basically it would be a combination of “Taken”, “The Guard” and “Intermission”. And it would be called “Hard as nails C***s” (the name can be negotiated.

So what do these films have in common? Liam Neeson, Colm Meaney and Brendan Gleeson all play rogues. Liam Neeson is the lethal weapon, Brendan Gleeson is the happy go lucky craic having cop and Colm Meaney is the dedicated agent of the law.

How hard could it be to get these 3 into a film together? Gleeson and Meaney already played Guards (we all know Gleeson survived at the end of The Guard). All we need is for Neeson to have a stopover at Shannon that goes on a bit too long and then BOOM…something happens. Anything happens. It doesn’t really matter what happens. All that matters is that these 3 are combined in hitting back.

OK, now I’ve put that idea out there, could someone please do that? PLEASE?!

Get the DL on the AKA’s in Insurance

Don’t let a 3 letter word throw you for a loop

So you’ve read the blog on how to cut down the costs of your premium, now how about getting to grips with some of the aka’s in the insurance industry?

You’re confident enough now to ring the insurance company yourself; completely sure in the fact that you will get the best deal available, but hang on, what was the last thing they said? In the Insurance Industry there’s a sea of abbreviations and acronyms out there. Enough to make your head spin. We know that insurance can be difficult to grasp sometimes, and that’s why I want to make the whole thing easier for you, the client.

The Most Commonly Used Abbreviations

Your Insurance shouldn’t make life more difficult for you by throwing abbreviations at you, but from time to time you may hear, or see, the following abbreviations in your search for the best quote. Don’t lose faith if an insurer is trying to confuse you with lots of letters, just take a minute and check it out before you either commit or walk away.

  • BA – Breakdown Assist. Often an additional extra. Usually this is included with fully comprehensive polices, but if not you can get it specifically with most insurance policies.
  • CCE – Company Car Experience. If you have been driving nothing but the company car for the last few years then you may have built up some valid ODE (Other Driving Experience) with your company car. This is most useful for those drivers who are now getting their own car and their own policy for the first time. This may afford you a discount with some insurance companies, but not all. Proof of CCE must be provided by your company.
  • CPF – Closed Premium Finance. Some companies won’t issue a policy through Direct Debit Payments, but don’t worry, because Chill Insurance have that sorted for you. CPF will allow you to pay your premium through direct debits, even if the insurance company doesn’t, Chill can organize that for you.
  • DDM – Direct Debit Mandate. This is the form you get which will allow your Direct Debit payments to commence.
  • DMD – Distance Marketing Directive. Before payment is taken for any product you buy the agent on the phone will read the DMD. The DMD outlines your position regarding refunds and the cooling off period. Basically you are entitled to a refund within 14 days if you change your mind about a product or service you have just purchased online.
  • DOC – Drive Other Cars. Commonly referred to as DOC around the office this allows a driver, who meets the specific requirements set in the specific policy, to drive other cars (as long as s/he has the permission of the owner so don’t go taking any old car).
  • DP – Data Protection. This refers to the storage and use of your personal data.
  • Fully Comprehensive. This is the highest level of cover a person can obtain on a private motor insurance policy. If you have a car worth a few quid then get fully comp. It will cost extra, but it’s worth, and you get more items as standard.
  • MTC – Mid Term Cancellation. If you decide to cancel your policy, for whatever reason, during the lifetime of the policy, this is referred to as Mid-term Cancellation. This usually incurs administration and cancellation fees.
  • NCB – No Claims Bonus. This refers to the number of years you have been driving without having to make a claim. You will most often see this in correspondence with an insurance company or broker. Please note that some companies have different definitions of a full NCB. What companies in Ireland need to hear is how many years NCB you have, not points on scale, but years. If you have 4 years, say 4 years etcetera.
  • NCD – No Claims Discount. This is roughly the same as the NCB. Some companies will use the term No Claims Discount and some will use NCB.
  • RTA – Road Traffic Act. The Road Traffic Act (1961) is the act which made Motor Insurance compulsory in the Republic of Ireland. The minimum insurance a person who intends to operate a motor vehicle on public roads needs is Third Party Cover.
  • SOF – Site of License. A copy of your (and any named drivers) licence, simple as.
  • SOF – Statement of Fact. Who you are, where you live, what you drive, any modifications to the car? These are some of things which may be considered statements of fact.
  • TP – Third Party. This is the minimum cover which must be obtained by a qualified person wishing to drive on public roads. It is there to cover any damage which a driver may cause to others through their own fault. Often this is used by first time drivers, however, this will not cover any damage which a driver may accidentally inflict upon their own vehicle.
  • TPFT – Third Party Fire and Theft. This covers third party’s involved in any Road Traffic Incidents (RTI’s) which you may cause. This also covers the theft of your vehicle or damage caused by malicious fires. This policy suits drivers who are gaining experience on their own policy and is often the step up from TP and just before the person is able to get Fully Comprehensive insurance.

Unfortunately this isn’t the full list used in the Insurance Industry, but this is the list that will matter to you, the person looking to get the best deal and the best saving. Remember, when getting your insurance, don’t be afraid to ask questions on anything you don’t understand. The last thing you should have to do is to start your search all over again. Get the best deal and get it the first time.

The Schools are Back!!!

So, the schools are back! That’s a phrase that will just make your very core shiver. Everything mad happens once the schools are back. Traffic balloons, sales rocket and it’s almost impossible to get a hot chicken roll during lunch time.

Where is this influx of traffic coming from? I just don’t get that. Where were those people hiding for the last 2 months, or is everyone just in sync now. It’s almost as if everyone now leaves at the same time because, well, you know, the schools are back and sure the traffic will be mad. The “Schools are Back” syndrome also motivates parents to drive like racing drivers with a car full of kids.

Come to think of it, where were these people getting their food? Were they just not feeding their kids or something? Sales of Brennan’s Bread and Milk have gone through the ceiling and the butter mountain is quickly becoming a hill. Were the children living feral and therefore didn’t need food, or were the parents just not feeding them. Sure they’re not learning, why would they need food!

It’s madness I tells ya! It’s as if the whole of Ireland went to the beach for the summer and now have decided to all converge on the same areas at the same time in the morning. Perhaps they’re working on the symphony that is rush hour traffic. I dunno, I prefer Rock n’ Roll myself.

Job Seeking and E

So here I am again, looking for work in Marketing, somewhere. The search is leaving me despondent, to say the least. I am constantly getting hit with that “you haven’t the experience” line. That gets at me a little. I’ve been working, in one form or another, since I was 15. The only time I wasn’t working was for a year, after I finished my degree, and after the country went a little bit funny. So what did I do? I got sick of sitting on my ass, and undertook a Masters in Marketing (during which I worked part time). So what happened after that? I worked for two years, one year for myself and one year for an online deals and affiliate company. Still, I haven’t the experience, apparently. And I know what you may be thinking, am I applying for the head honchos job? No, I’m not. I want the entry level job. I want the job where I get to sit under someone and just learn, this will also give me the opportunity to gain very valuable experience. But I can’t seem to get there.

So, what do I do now? I keep on trucking. Just keep on keeping on. I’m working at the moment, not really in a job I particularly enjoy, but it’s keeping me off the dole, and that’s a queue no-one should want to be in. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re in it now, then the chances are you don’t want to be, no decent person would want to be in it. The majority of those in the queue would much rather be earning their own money. Unfortunately I know too many people at the moment who are forced into that dreaded queue through no fault of their own. The people who for years wanted to be on it should really re-evaluate their own lives, before the Government forces them to with the impending cuts and new time limits. But that’s a matter for them to mull over in their own time. Keep in mind that the people I’m referring to were in that queue while Ireland was flush with money and you could have picked a job up anywhere. You know the type, you probably even have someone in mind now, I know I do.

So anyway, job seeking and the “E” word (E standing for experience and not anything else). I feel daunted. I feel almost let down. I feel like I’m in a tunnel and can’t see the light at the end. I feel worried, but not for me. I’m still adding to my skill set, by undertaking two additional courses, at once no less. I’m learning very valuable things about the Irish consumer in my current job. I’m still looking for a more suitable job. I still have a little hope. But what about the young people. At my age I’m hardly old, and hopefully not even middle aged, but I’m also not in the 17-20 age bracket. If I’m finding it hard now, with my 8 letters after my name, my nearly 15 years of working in some job or other and my desire to keep learning, what about them, what have they? They can go to college, and I certainly hope they do, should the current circus on Kildare St. make that feasible, but what then? They’re missing the “E” word, and are going to have a damn hard time getting any “E”! I worry about the youth of Ireland. The easy answer is go abroad, but why come back? It’s almost like we’re selling out our future for short term savings.

There is such potential in Ireland. If we really wanted we could have a great little Republic. We could even have a comfortable Republic, not a rich one, but a comfortable one. But we don’t. We might, someday, but we don’t, not now anyway. It is apparent that we are happy enough to continue driving towards the cliff at 120kph. The change hasn’t come yet. We’re still sitting back and watching the same politicians make the same decisions and the same mistakes. So what does this mean for the young people, and myself included? We’ll be stuck in the same place. To get “E” we’ll need jobs, to get jobs, we’ll need investment, to get investment we’ll need a Government that can effectively drive business in Ireland and attract foreign money back to the Emerald Isle.

Think about that the next time you decide to vote for the guy who fixed the pothole on your road.

The Stories

How many times have ya heard “And that’s all I’ll say about him” followed by a 15 minute in-dept life story about the subject matter? It’s a sure sign that there’s a story coming, and who knows, maybe, just maybe, a bit of gossip.

One of our key identifying factors, as Irish people, is the fact that we tell stories. We love it. We love not being on a night out and asking was there any scandal/gossip/craic? Bit weird, isn’t it? Perhaps, yes, but it seems to be one of our critical success factors with the foreign dollar. I have talked to many foreigners abroad and they are mostly charmed by the story I’m telling. No matter how much sh!te comes out, they’ll still be fascinated. It’s probably the reason why there are now some Americans who believe that there currently exists a colony of leprechauns in Wexford, because I convinced them there is.

So next time you’re telling a story abroad, remember that that is probably going to lead to someone coming to the green isle. Be prepared to explain why you exaggerated so much.