Dan Higgins

Who am I? I’m a 33 year old father of one, husband of one, son of two and friend to some.

What can you expect from DanEOHiggins.com? Anything and everything really. I’m going to try and give you snippets of life as I see it. My trials and tribulations as a parent, being a new husband, finding a career, sharing my stories about the mundane to the exciting. Hopefully you’ll pick something up here.

Why do I post? I find it’s relaxing. Also, I hope to be able to help others going through similar experiences to come out of their own.

When will I post? Whenever really. Well, when my daughter will allow me to. She’s 3 years old at the moment and when she wants my attention she gets it. But it gets easier, right? RIGHT?!


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Husband & Father. Green hat with a hint of Black, White, Yellow, Red & Blue.

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