Selling Online

So, I’m going to be trying to sell some stuff online, just to test out different sales methods. I don’t expect it to be easy and I don’t expect to sell everything, but I’m gonna give it a go anyway.

What will I be selling, you ask? Or maybe you don’t ask, but I’m gonna tell anyway. Anything and everything, that’s what I’m gonna try sell. For a list of the items, see below:

Item 1: An old exercise bike.

Platform(s) used:

Asking price: €20. I have set this to be non negotiable.

Extra sales options: As of 21/11/2012, I have opted not to purchase any of the extras offered with

Status: Unsold.


Description: Below is the description I added to the ad. I had a bit more in, but it seems the powers that be at didn’t really like my view on An Post.

“This bike has been in my shed since a 21st party nearly 8 years ago. If it makes any difference, it was a good party! It has not been used since then. In that sense, it is untouched and could be described as very vintage. Ya may be into vintage stuff, I dunno, but you can describe it as that. I’d say it’s old school.

Mechanically, it’s flawless, except that it doesn’t work. Well, I say it doesn’t work, it might, and you might indeed be able to fix it, think of the saving you’d make?! I mean, a new one could cost you €200, this one could cost you €20? There are TEN €20 notes in €200, this costs you 1/10 of that, €20. You could buy an actual bike for the €180 you save, after you buy this, of course.

It’s also a little bit dirty, but if you really want I could give it a wipe down, that’s cool with me. In addition to that, one of the stickers on the side is hanging off and one of the leg cups is missing.

So, yeah, it’s €20. I can deliver it, within the Dublin/Meath/Kildare area.

To sum up; non working bike, lil bit dirty, €20, MASSIVE saving.

Short link:

Item 2: CD/DVD racks.

Platform(s) used:

Asking price: €20. I am open to haggling on this to see if it gets more interest than the first item.

Extra sales options: As of 21/11/2012, I have opted not to purchase any of the extras offered with

Status: Unsold.


Description: Below is the description I placed with this ad. It’s under review now:

“So I found more stuff in the shed that I wanna get rid of.

Here we have some real vintage stuff. 2, that’s right, 2 CD racks for the price of 1. Please note that these can also be used to hold DVD’s. Well, the grey, smaller one can, I’m not so sure the tall black one could. Although, if you were really stubborn about it you could probably prove me wrong and squeeze DVD’s in there.

The tall black rack is stand alone. You could put this in the corner of your room and it would stay there. Imagine it there, with your CD’s all organised, able to choose them whenever ya want, the luxury of it all.

The smaller grey one is meant to be screwed into a wardrobe or some such. I suppose you could screw it into a cabinet if you were really mad. It’s primarily for CD’s, but it could hold DVD’s no bother, again, if you’re a mad spoon altogether.

Who’d want this? Anyone really, who wouldn’t? People always have CD’s and DVD’s lying about. Now you could have them in one central location.

These two items must go together. I really think they’ve become attached to each other, kinda like puppies do. Ya know when someone separates puppies and they whine and ya feel really sad. Yeah, you know it. Don’t do it to these two!

So, to recap. 2 racks for sale, €20 for both.”


Item 3: .

Platform(s) used:

Asking price: €20. I am open to haggling on this to see if it gets more interest than the first item.

Extra sales options: I have opted to pay €3 to have this ad put at the top of the search results for 1 day.

Status: Unsold.




“This item would be perfect for multiple use. It could be used by paintball and air-soft enthusiasts as well as those with a keen interest in the outdoors. I suppose even a cyclist could use this. I cycle myself, I know how much of a pain a bag on your back can be as you fly through a red light and out into traffic.

There are loads of pouches and pockets that you could put your ammo in. You could also carry other bits and pieces in it, I dunno really, I’m not all that into air-soft. I like paintball, but not so much air-soft. I wouldn’t wear this to paintball though, ya’d look a bit stupid at paintball. Ya’d probably get away with it for air-soft though.

Alternatively you could use this for hiking/hill walking. Imagine all the water and snacks ya’d get into that? Ya could put them all into their own little compartments too, imagine the handiness. Go on, imagine it. Go get a nice warm cuppa, sit down, and imagine that. Although, in the time it’s taken you to do that then this will probably be gone.

I’m selling this because I don’t need it. I’ve never used it, although it has been taken out of its original packaging. By original packaging I mean the plastic bag in which it came. Ya don’t get much in the way of packaging for your €80. Yeah, €80. I bought this years ago when we all had money.

Anyway, it’s €20, preferably to someone in the Dublin/Meath/Kildare area so we can arrange delivery handy enough. If ya want me to post it then we’ll have to talk some more.


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