The Schools are Back!!!

So, the schools are back! That’s a phrase that will just make your very core shiver. Everything mad happens once the schools are back. Traffic balloons, sales rocket and it’s almost impossible to get a hot chicken roll during lunch time.

Where is this influx of traffic coming from? I just don’t get that. Where were those people hiding for the last 2 months, or is everyone just in sync now. It’s almost as if everyone now leaves at the same time because, well, you know, the schools are back and sure the traffic will be mad. The “Schools are Back” syndrome also motivates parents to drive like racing drivers with a car full of kids.

Come to think of it, where were these people getting their food? Were they just not feeding their kids or something? Sales of Brennan’s Bread and Milk have gone through the ceiling and the butter mountain is quickly becoming a hill. Were the children living feral and therefore didn’t need food, or were the parents just not feeding them. Sure they’re not learning, why would they need food!

It’s madness I tells ya! It’s as if the whole of Ireland went to the beach for the summer and now have decided to all converge on the same areas at the same time in the morning. Perhaps they’re working on the symphony that is rush hour traffic. I dunno, I prefer Rock n’ Roll myself.

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